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Image: DIY self-managed hen treasure hunt group, London.

DIY Treasure Hunt for Your Stag or Hen Do...

Treasure hunts are becoming a more and more popular event with stag and hen parties, because they are a relatively low cost way of having a great event. It can often be a bit of a headache for the person organising the 'do' to come up with something that will be sociable, enjoyable and inclusive of everybody.

The traditional stag or hen do will often involve strippers or a great deal of drinking, maybe an adrenalin rush or two, but there will always be those who feel rather left out as it is not their scene. With a treasure hunt, it is possible to have a sociable event and make sure that no-one has that feeling of being the fish out of water.

A managed treasure hunt is a great idea as the event organiser is used to setting things up and ensures that the event goes with a swing. However it could easily blow the budget, so a great alternative is the self-managed or DIY treasure hunt. But the problem here for the organiser is that they need to prepare it, which is actually rather time consuming - making sure the clues are varied, thinking up amusing tasks, checking that clues are not going to have disappeared and devising a 'shopping list' and word game to occupy any quiet moments.

This is where we step in, we have already done the hard work for you. All you need to do is to buy one of our DIY treasure hunt packs and away you go. It still needs some organisation (see below) but gives you a stag or hen event organised without stress, easily and quickly, and one that is virtually guaranteed to give you a great day to remember.

Special questions relating to the stag or hen can be added to treasure hunts. Just email us some details and we take care of the rest - for example before one of our events we were told that Claire (the hen) used to pay for her mates drinks with loose change so one of the questions was ...

‘Take a photo of your team paying for a shot with as much loose change as possible (no notes, pound or fifty pence coins can be used)’

And if you like, we can organise a free 14 day membership on Dateactive, the Dating site for active single people for any of the single participants. Ask us for details when booking.

The last decade or so has seen a huge increase in people heading to places such as Eastern Europe for their Stag or Hen party, that is not a problem for us, we have hunts set up in most of the capital cities of Europe.

Our most popular stag and hen treasure hunts are (click on the venue name for full details):










... with Lisbon and London not too far behind. In the unlikely event that we do not have a prepared hunt in the location of your choice, please contact us to discuss the cost.

So how do our Stag and Hen Party Treasure Hunts Work ...

Your treasure hunt comes to you through the post as a pack containing the clues for 4 teams and the other tasks (photo challenges, scavenger list, word game) plus the answers of course. Then it's over to you ...

... you decide on your starting and finishing points, for example, if your party is staying in a hotel, that would probably be a good starting point. Or you could have a bit more fun and give the teams a cryptic clue and they then have to find the start point. Or even hide the teams clues somewhere and give them a clue as to where it can be found ... the possibilities are limited only by your own vision and sense of fun. Our treasure hunt manager likes to end a stag or hen hunt in a decent pub! You may have different ideas, that is up to you.

There is no set route for a treasure hunt, the clues are randomly arranged but grouped together by area ... for example the Edinburgh hunt has clues for Prince's Street, the Royal Mile, Arthur's Seat etc. Within each section, the clues are not set out in a particular order. Why? It makes the hunt far more interesting and stops the teams from just following each other round. The teams have to make their own decisions as to which area to visit, in which order they will visit the different areas and then actually have to hunt for the answers to the clues. If they were all in order round a set route ... well how boring is that!

WARNING - If you don't like to use your initiative and want a tedious and inflexible treasure hunt, where you are given the start and finish points and the route is exactly set out and no hunting for the clues is needed then don't buy ours!

So all you need for a really good stag or hen day out is our DIY treasure hunt pack, your imagination and sense of fun, the participants and cameras. When asked after her recent DIY treasure hunt purchase,one client said:

thanks all went well. And the quiz was excellent fun, best wishes, Hannah

Recommendation - for a full stag weekend, our preferred partners are Off Limits, a company with whom we have worked closely so it is easy to incorporate your treasure hunt.

Link exchange - you may also be interested in arranging a full Hen Weekend or Stag Weekend, HenNites and StagNites are Kent based but offer packages in all areas of the UK.


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All hunts can be delivered as a smartphone treasure hunt if required. For some, we will need a bit of notice beforehand as they are not all yet prepared.