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Ready made treasure hunts for corporate, stag, hen and private groups

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Image: DIY self-managed corporate treasure hunt group, London.

Corporate DIY Treasure Hunt ...

Treasure hunts are becoming a more and more popular event with businesses and corporate groups as they are a low cost alternative to more traditional events. They are a cost effective way of running a fun company social event or a team build. If your corporate entertainment or team building budget is limited, a self-managed event is the obvious solution.

The problem with that is that it is run by your own staff, who are not experts in the field. That means that they are learning on the job which will slow the organisation down and be spending time working on the event instead of their normal job.

So an ideal solution is to buy in a ready made event. The corporate treasure hunt fulfils that role perfectly. The venues are already set up (towns and cities) and so all you need is our pack of clues. The participants can bring their own cameras, you hand out the packs and you have a hassle free corporate day out or fun team building day.

In fact, using a treasure hunt as a team build is so enjoyable, your staff won't even realise they have been on a teambuilding event! During the hunt they will need to work together, plan and organise their approach to the hunt, use their lateral thinking skills and negotiate with people in order to complete the tasks and the scavenger hunt - all absolutely essential skills that are fostered on any team build day.

Our treasure hunts are not quite DIY - we have already done the hard work for you!

We have sorted out the clues, scavenger list and word game and can suggest start and finish venues in your preferred location (see the venues page for the list of treasure hunt locations).

Your treasure hunt comes as a pack for 4 teams containing the clues and other tasks plus the answers of course.

So you just need to supply the participants and cameras.



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All hunts can be delivered as a smartphone treasure hunt if required. For some, we will need a bit of notice beforehand as they are not all yet prepared.