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DIY Treasure Hunt for Your Stag or Hen Do in Brighton...

Mention Brighton and most people immediately think of the pier or the pavilion or if you are are thinking bit more up to date - the night life. It is generally the latter that attracts both stag and hen parties as the Brighton night scene is said to rival the West End. But we think there is no contest - after all, London's West End is a long way from the sea!

But when it comes to organising your hen weekend or stag weekend you need a bit more than just the usual strippers and vodka events otherwise the weekend will be a little tedious. Traditional daytime events include shopping, quads, paintball, sailing, speedboats and so on but why not be different.

A stag or hen treasure hunt around the streets of Brighton is a fun and sociable way to warm up your group on the Saturday, ensuring that your hen or stag party is really 'in the mood' for the evening. Alternatively, it is a great finale to the weekend, providing you with a brilliant chill out event after the excesses of the night before!

About Brighton...

Brighton itself is part of the larger city of Brighton and Hove which together were elevated to city status in 2000. The area was already settled prior to the Norman invasion but very little of the original buildings or layout remain as Brighton (then a fishing village possibly known by it's Saxon name of Bristelmestune) was pretty much destroyed by the French. As usually happens, the locals were not phased by this and the village was rebuilt.

So how did it become the popular resort that it did? It appears that a doctor from Lewes (limerick opportunity?) spotted a business opportunity and set up an enterprise treating his clients with seawater. Nice! Ill people were perfectly well used to 'taking the waters' at inland spa towns like Buxton and Bath so it didn't take much to promote Brighton as a seaside spa town. The general population didn't really swim much so he used the celebrated bathing machine which prevented loss of patients by drowning and preserved decorum! Unlike these days, for 18th century women of 'breeding', being seen in your cossie on the beach was a no-no. Anyway, heading to Brighton for health reasons caught on in a big way and before long, the grand Georgian buildings had started to emerge, setting the tone for future development.

The Prince Regent (subsequently ruled as King George IV) visited in 1783 and loved it, so much so that he gave his seal of approval and the place really took off, or at least amongst the affluent classes. It was he who ordered the building of the bizarre Royal Pavilion with its unique blend of multicultural features. Brighton did not become a mass tourist destination until the arrival of the railway during Victorian times when ordinary people flocked there for the seaside holiday experience that was in Vogue at the time.

But what about Modern Brighton ...

The engineering industry came and went during the 20th century and gradually Brighton has developed a reputation not just as the Gay capital of the UK (BBC in 2005) but also for smart city living and a great clubbing scene and night life.

So how do our Stag and Hen Party Treasure Hunts Work ...

Your Brighton treasure hunt comes as a pack containing the clues for 4 teams and the other tasks (photo challenges, scavenger list, word game) plus the answers of course. Extra sets are available (extra cost) if you expect to have more than 4 teams. Please contact us after ordering.

We will need to have some inside knowledge on the Hen or Stag plus some photos in order to customise your hunt. Other than that, you just need to supply the participants and cameras.



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All hunts can be delivered as a smartphone treasure hunt if required. For some, we will need a bit of notice beforehand as they are not all yet prepared.